How to Generate Biz via Overnight Packages

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2019

Download Debbie's course, “Creating Farm, Winery & Craft Beverage Trail Overnight Packages” here.

From the creation of the first private chef service in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio to owning and operating a bed and breakfast for the last 13 years, Debbie Meritsky has cultivated a working knowledge of the local food movement and continues to promote her small family farms to locals and tourists alike. Through her experience, Debbie has developed extensive knowledge in the creation of travel packages, which allowed her to further utilize her relationships within the agritourism community. Debbie's business location in the Finger Lakes affords her an extensive selection of agricultural and craft beverage products and experiences to offer guests.

In her training course, learn how to add customers, revenue and value to your agritourism business through packaging. You will get first-hand knowledge of how and why to create exciting agritourism packages as Debbie walks you through all of the steps. Using real-life examples, you will learn what to do and benefit from many helpful hints along the way. Best of all, you can create your packages with little, or no upfront cost, and quickly experience the direct benefit to your business.

"There are three main goals in agirtourism packaging," Debbie explains. "1) To provide a one-stop shop approach that offers the customer an exceptional experience while they explore the best agritourism products or services in your area or region; 2) to create a new revenue stream for your business as well as the participating businesses in the package; and 3) to build a new customer base." 

Download Debbie's course, “Creating Farm, Winery & Craft Beverage Trail Overnight Packages” here.



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